How did Siamese twins get their name?


Chang and Eng are the most famous of all conjoined twins. They are called Siamese Twins because the twin brothers were born in Siam now modern Thailand, on May 11, 1811. Conjoined twins are genetically identical twins, always of the same sex.
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They are named after the most famous twins, Eng and Chang, born about 60 miles
That term is no longer used in medical terms. It is politically incorrect. The term used now "conjoined twin"
Chang and Eng Bunker ( as I recall, no relation to Archie) were the first pair to survive to adulthood and they hailed from Siam. (they were male) hence the name. It is a congenital
The term Siamese twins originates with Chang and Eng Bunker, the conjoined twins from Siam. In the context of the English language, this word was first used and popularized by H.
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