Why Are Soap Operas so Popular?


We cannot deny the fact that Soap Operas are very popular. Some of the reasons could be the fact that soap operas deal with everyday issues such as love, betrayal, forgiveness and revenge. Soap operas also deal with the quest for wealth something most of us aspire to. The characters are also very familiar. From the poor home worker to the rich wealthy barons, they all exist in our societies. Ladies more often love soap operas because of the way emotions are portrayed. These among numerous other reasons make soap operas overly popular.
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because they want to be popular. Soap operas are built with the audience in mind. They provide great escapism for those wanting to forget there won lives for a bit and also offer
1. People want to get out of reality life 2. They want to see other people's drama besides there own. 3. Only thing make people feel better is to see other people suffer right? So
Soap Operas aren't gay to some. It just depends on your TV preferences and what catches
http://blogs.static.menta. lfloss. : There are two main reasons for this lack of visual quality, both of which are rooted in the problem of soap operas’ time slots and scheduling
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