Why Are Some People Ugly?


The reason why some people are ugly is because their genetic makeup has less efficient repair kits. The genetic reason was given by scientist after a 10 year study aimed at explaining the difference in looks.
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The definition of ugly is something that is displeasing to the senses.It is a descriptive word to explain what is not nice or unsatisfactory to you. For more information, look here:
1 Assess yourself in the mirror. Chances are you don't like something about how you look, and if there isn't anything you don't like (and you consider yourself to be a very attractive
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Guys problaly say your ugly for many reason, some think you really are, some may like you, and some just wanna feel better about themselves. Dont ever think your ugly no girl is ugly
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People are ugly because of gene mutilation. In addition, they may be ugly because of the products they apply on the skin which burns out the skin pigment thus ...
Some people are not photogenic due to many factors. This includes, the coloring of a person's skin tone and the persons ability to appear naturally and not fake. ...
Some people are prejudiced due to the negative and stereotypic cultural attitude towards these people due to their racial, cultural and religious backgrounds. ...
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