Why Are Sprinkles Called Jimmies?


One reason that sprinkles are called Jimmies are in reference to Jim Crow. In the 1800s, Jim Crow, who was a title character in a well-known song, was a slang term used for anything African-American. The brown color of the original sprinkle is what some believe gave them the nickname of jimmies.
Q&A Related to "Why Are Sprinkles Called Jimmies?"
In 1930s, the Just Born candy company of Bethlehem made a topping called chocolate
The first man who ran the machine that made chocolate grain topping was named Jimmy Bartholomew.
I think years back they were called jimmies now things to put on cookies are called sprinkles just more modern times. I call jimmies-jimmies not sprinkles.
According to David Wilton, author of "Word Myths: Debunking Linguistic Urban Legends, the term "jimmies" was used in New England in the 1920s, meaning the term's inception
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