Why Are Teeth White?


Teeth are white because they have an outer coating called enamel, which is mostly made up of calcium and is itself white in colour. However, enamel can differ in colour as from yellowish to greyish.
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Brush your teeth after every meal with a fluoride toothpaste, and floss daily to remove superficial stains and maintain healthy gums. Avoiding flossing can have an impact on overall
1. Avoid the following foods. Foods with heavy staining properties such as cherries, berries, curries and sauces, such as soy and balsamic vinegar should be avoided. It is recommended
Bleach, or whitening stripes for teeth, or u can talk to ur dentist.
Assuming that people in the US do indeed have whiter teeth than most, it is likely because we recognize the benefits and impact of a great smile and because a large market for whitening
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Teeth are white because they are composed of calcium, phosphorus and other mineral salts. The combination of these are what give teeth their white appearance.
Why are teeth white depends on the health of them. Some people have white teeth because of the toothpaste you use. Teeth may also be white because of genetics.
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