Why Are the Leaves on My Corn Plant Turning Brown?


There could be a few reason as to why the leaves on your corn plant are turning brown. It could be that the leaves are getting burned from getting too much direct sunlight. It could also be that they are getting too much water or not enough.
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Wind Burn. Corn plant leaves cannot survive windy weather. Anytime the weather drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, move the plant out of the wind as much as possible. Always keep it
Too much water.
The reason your tomato plant leaves are turning brown are either
This is called. Chlorosis. and it means the green chlorophyll is not present. All you are seeing is the other leaf pigments that are normally not noticable because they are masked
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Why Are the Leaves on My Corn Plant Turning Brown?
The corn plant, or dracaena fragrans, is so named because it resembles a shoot of corn in appearance. A healthy corn plant should, during its life, maintain bright green foliage. If the leaves begin to turn brown or yellow, this is a sign that something... More »
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