Why Are the Leaves on My Tomato Plants Turning Yellow?


The leaves on your tomato plants may be turning yellow due to insufficient nutrients from the soil, insufficient sunshine or due to a general lack of Nitrogen in the soil. Bacterial or fungal infections such as Alternaria alternata could also cause yellowing of the leaves.
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Healthy tomato plants have deep-green leaves. Some common tomato pests that can turn leaves yellow are psyllids, flea beetles, tomato hornworms, whiteflies and aphids. Determine if
Not enough Magnesium in your soil. Magnesium ions are essential in chlorophyll, the 'pigment' that gives leaves their green coloration and thus also their light absorbing properties
Same thing happened with mine, my Grannie, who has being growing tomatoes for years, said...not enough water!! Apparently plants that give 'fruit' need a lot more water, which seems
A When the leaves develop yellow thumbprint-sized blotches, it’s a fungal disease called early blight. Apply a general-purpose fungicide that is labeled for tomatoes. Spraying
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Why Are My Tomato Plants' Leaves Turning Yellow?
Though tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum) are grown for their fruit, not their foliage, yellowing leaves should cause concern. Usually grown as annuals, tomato plants are susceptible to many diseases. Some harm only leaves, but others threaten the fruit.... More »
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