Why Are the Olympic Rings Linked?


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The 5 Olympic rings stand for each of the 5 continents involved in the games; America, Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe.
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The rings represent the five original continents, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the America's (not in that order) There is no 'real' answer to this but I believe they are linked
These five rings - blue, yellow, black, green and red - represent the
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There is no reason why the Olympic rings are linked. However, the five rings symbolise the five major regions of the world which are Africa, Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania.
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The five Olympic ringsrepresent the five continents in the world and the six colourssymbolise: the blue and yellow of Sweden, the blue and white of Greece, the ...
The five linked rings on the Olympic symbol stand for the five continents that participate in the Olympics: Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America (considered ...
There are five Olympic rings to represent the five continents that participate in the Olympic games. The rings are coloured blue, yellow, black, green, and red ...
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