Can We Stop the Polar Ice Caps from Melting?


The polar ice caps are melting due to global warming due to green gas building up in the atmosphere and changing atmospheric patterns in the artic that cause the sea ice to move. This rate has been increasing over the years.
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The polar ice caps are melting because the temperature of the earth is rising. Also, the more ice that melts, the less light that is reflected back and the warmer the temperature becomes. However, the mere fact that we have polar ice caps means we are living in an ice age by definition.
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The polar ice caps are melting because of the temperature changes caused by global warming. As the temperature rises, the ice caps begin to melt.
its so easy! Believe me , I'm a scientist, i should know that, it is because of..... GLOBAL WARMING, and how is global warming is caused? : humans, (yup, including you) are polluting
Carbon dioxide is only a small component of our atmosphere, representing just a few hundred parts per million; however, it has major effects. A greenhouse gas, it allows sunlight
Actually, as soon as this summer all the polar ice may melt- it will refreeze in
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The major cause of the melting of polar ice caps is an increase in global temperatures due to climate change. The melting causes ice shelves to collapse and glaciers ...
Scientists believe that the polar ice caps in Greenland are melting at a rate of about 600 billion tons per year. The Antarctic comes in second at a rate of 200 ...
Scientists have not come to a solid consensus on how fast the polar ice caps are melting. It is believed that this rate is increasing as global warming continues ...
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