Why Are There 360 Degrees in a Circle?


There are 360 degrees in a circle because according to the Babylonians, they used a base 60 degree and divided a circle into 360 degrees. This is because the ancient Egyptians who also influenced the Babylonians as well had a 360 day year.
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It's just a convention It's just a convention. Mathemeticians could have chosen some other number, but 360 is divisible by many whole numbers, so it is convenient. Answer It has some
Degrees-A unit of angle measure equal to of a complete revolution. There are
Hector's guess is right. The Babylonians counted in two types of ways. First, the one we are all used to, by tens. Second, they also counted in bases of 60. This is called sexagesimal
360 is more easily mentally divided than 10-based numbers. Once you break 360 down into quarters, you get 90. 90 can be split easily in many ways. 2×45, 3×30, 5×
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The reason there is 360 degrees in a circle is due to the Babylonians and the base of 60, which is how they worked with math. It is in regards to Pi which equals 3.14. Six pieces of pie equals 360 degrees. You can find more information here: http://mathforum.org/library/drmath/view/59075.html
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