Why Are There so Many Breeds of Dogs?


The place of origin influences the characteristics of various groups of dogs. Over time, because of natural mutations, climate and human preferences, breeds became ever more numerous and specialized until they reached the point of modern classification, according to Guide to Dogs. This classification is based on the aptitude of a breed in five skills: hunting, shepherding, guarding, work and company.
Q&A Related to "Why Are There so Many Breeds of Dogs"
Because dog breeders make dogs reproduce so they make many different breeds on purpose.
Dogs have been bred for certain desirable characteristics . Different breeds
Various characteristics were desired for dogs to do various things and breeds were resultant when people wanted consistency in these characteristics. All breeds were essentially created
There are hundreds of dog breeds in the world, and the exact answer to your question depends on how one defines 'breed' It is easiest for people who follow the auspices of one particular
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