Why Are Turkeys Called Turkeys?


Turkeys are called Turkeys because when European explorers first encountered the birds in North America, they mistakenly assumed it was similar to the Guinea fowl which was called a Turkey in Europe. Turkeys are a primary delicacy during the thanksgiving holiday in the United States.
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A "tom" turkey is a male turkey. The female is a hen.
1. Sample various calls at the local sporting goods store. A box style turkey call is great for beginners. A box call is most often made from wood, but aluminum box calls can be used
Turkey vultures were given their name because their featherless red head gives
The bird we know today was domesticated in Mexico and imported from the New World to Europe through Turkey, which is where it got its name [1] The land was called Turkey well before
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The word turkey originates from a name that was first applied to a species of guinea fowl imported to England by merchants from Turkey in the 1500's.
Turkish traders also brought Indian corn from North America in the 1500's, which was similarly called 'Turkey corn'. When the North American bird we know as turkey was imported to England, it was associated with this guinea fowl called 'turkey'.
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