Why are tank top undershirts called "wife beaters"?


"Wife beaters" is the slang term for a tank top worn by certain men because of the association of these garments with wearers of less than honorable reputations.

Wife beaters are presumed to be the shirts of choice among men who reside in trailer parks and among men who tend towards abusive relationships with their spouses or significant others. Wife beaters is intended as a derogatory term and is often spoken derisively by individuals who consider themselves of a higher social strata than those who don these shirts. In reality, so-called wife beaters are sleeveless T-shits designed to be worn as undergarments.

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A white sleeveless t-shirt also referred to as a muscle shirt or singlet. This
Never heard this before ,I dont think that is a custom out here .However from a mans perspective I can see how seeing your wife in something like taht migh motivate a man to want
It's just a stereotype about the kind of person society "used to" believe wore those, I guess. Like, picture sort of underprivileged, sitting outside the garage with a six
They first called them wife beaters referring to the stereotype that men who wore the tanks were generally ones who beat their wives. report this answer. Updated on Monday, February
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