Why are you the best candidate for this position?


Job interviewers want to know what makes one job applicant stand out from another when they ask why an applicant is the best candidate for the position. Interviewees need to convey what specific skills they have that make them highly qualified to perform tasks required for the new position.

Interview questions asking a variation of why an applicant should be hired should be expected when going to any job interview. Employers interview numerous applicants and must narrow their choices down to the top few. This question gives employers insight into how much experience and knowledge an interviewee has regarding the position.

The interviewee might answer this question by highlighting actual accomplishments achieved in previous positions. He might also choose to talk about tasks that have similarities with tasks in the new job. Employers really want to find the best person that can do the desired tasks successfully. Employers are impressed by details of how applicants improved things at an old job. Give examples of what was done to increase productivity, sales or customer service.

Applicants that demonstrate they can handle problems when they arise make a great impression on potential employers. Interviewees can explain what unique problem came up and how that problem was solved by coming up with a winning solution.

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