Why Are Zoos Good?


Zoos are considered good as they take care of animals that are neglected by giving them the required attention and care they need, and, they are protected from external dangers. Zoos also make it easier for humans to see the animals up close. Another reason why zoos are good is that they keep endangered animals from being extinct thus various generations can get to appreciate the different kinds of animal species there are.
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zoos are good for animals because they provide a safe environment for the animals and have food and water to keep them running. the bad thing is probably the people who go to the
1. Create two or three exhibits and fill each with at least two animals. Make people happy by bringing in animals that the crowd likes. Add donation boxes close to the exhibits as
Some people think zoos are good because they keep animals safe, while others
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Zoos are good because they give people an opportunity to see animals from all over the world that they would not otherwise be able to experience. It builds an appreciation for animals that people can carry with them for a lifetime.
The good part of zoos is they educate and entertainment people. We hope that after learning about the wonderful diversity of nature by seeing animals in zoos, people will take measures to help protect them in the wild. You can find more information here: http://www.goodzoos.com/about.htm
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