Why Breastfeed?


It is recommended that mothers breastfeed their children because there are many benefits for both the child and the mother involved. Breast milk has all the right nutrients necessary to the baby to grow strong and healthy, and these are provided in the right amounts. Apart from developing high IQ levels, the child also develops strong bonds with the mother.
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1. Initiate breastfeeding soon after giving birth. Shortly after birth, your baby is usually alert and receptive, unless you were given pain medication that affects his alertness,
1. Make yourself a nursing station. Try feeding when sitting in a large comfortable chair, recliner or sofa; any of these will make it easier to settle down to nurse. Keep a large
The past tense of "breastfeed" is "breastfed"
The easiest way I found was to wear a close-fitting,
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Why Breast-Feed?
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, breast-feeding is the most optimal choice for feeding an infant through the first year of life. Allowing the perfect blend of nutrients for the baby, breast feeding is natural, inexpensive and mutually... More »
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