Why can a hamster stuff so much food into its mouth?


Hamsters can stuff so much food in their mouth because they have bulging cheeks. This is also because the cheek pouches do not contain salivary glands so the food stuffed in them stays fresh and dry. The coarse touch of the skin coating the cheek pouches helps clutch food in place so it doesn't fall out of the mouth.
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hamsters can hoard food into their cheek pouches. that's why you see their cheeks so stuffed but yet they can hoard so much food!
Surely it would have been easier to send him the money to buy the food. It may well be that he might misuse the money, but he could equally decide your food is not to his taste and
hamsters stuffs food in there mouth. to move there food from a place to a different place . Hamters also save food 'cause they have to digest their food and wait until they gets hungry
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