Why can't states coin money?


The states were not allowed to coin money because too many different currencies would create much confusion. This also helped to prevent counterfeiting of money. It fixed a standard across all the states by having the federal government produce the official currency.
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Making money is the right of the federal government. We have 50 states in the USA. If 50 states made their own money, it would be a mess.
Function The government must borrow money to provide for national defense, health care, education , building infrastructure and other services and activities. The monetary outlays
An interesting question with an unsatisfying answer. Because people won't use them. Why won't they use them? One reason is that the US Treasury keeps printing the bills as well
The U.S. Constitution specifies that
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Article One Section 10 of the US Constitution states that US States are prevented from coining their own money or making anything other than Gold or Silver legal tender for paying debts.
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