How to Prepare Fuzzi Bunz.?


1. Choose a detergent that works well with cloth diapers and doesn't contain any additives. See Resource 1 for a chart with suggestions of appropriate detergents and some to avoid. 2. Wash your cloth diapers before you use them. This is particularly
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Fuzzi bunz are cloth diapers for babies. There is a line called "Growing Up Cloth" and it is one the products in the line. When graduating to the next item in the line,
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I loved Fuzzi Bunz diapers when I used them with my newborn. - trim, not bulky - poop came off easily from the fleece - cute colors! I ended up going with the Bum Genius One Size
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Fuzzi Bunz refers to reusable cloth pocket diapers. They have a water-resistant layer on the outside and absorbent inserts. To prepare Fuzzi Bunz, begin by choosing ...
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