Why did America get involved in World War I?


America got involved in the First World War because German submarines had sunk the Lusitanian ship. The Germans had also broken the Sussex pledge in which America promised to keep out of the war if the Germans did not provoke them by trying to incite Mexico into attacking and wiping out the American army.
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America entered WW1 because Germany refused safe passage of trade and passenger
France got involved in World War 1 because Austria-Hungary said that they would attack them if they did not fight. But when they joined the war many many people got killed and then
why did usa get involved in ww1? > mostly due to the sinking of American shipping by the Germans in their practice of unrestricted submarine warfare. http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk
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The U.S entered WW1 because of two major reasons. One was that the Germans had affirmed unlimited German marine warfare and the Zimmermann note. Secondly, Germany had completely disregarded the international laws protecting impartial nation's ships by sinking neutral ships.
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