Why did Barney get fired?


Barney the dinosaur never got fired; the show simply stopped making new episodes in 2010. While rumors spiraled about Barney being terminated for a number of different wacky reasons, they are simply untrue.

Several different rumors have floated around about the purple dinosaur, including the "fact" that the actor inside the suit committed suicide, murdered a young child and was imprisoned or was a child molester. Two different rumors have Barney using profanity on live television, either to a child who stepped on his tail or when he stubbed his toe. Still another rumor has cocaine turning up in Barney's tail. Research into all of these rumors has proven them false.

Q&A Related to "Why did Barney get fired?"
Because he got drunk before a show and punched a little kid in the face.
There are a lot of rumors about Barney. The most common one was that Barney got fired for
Because he couldn't work an exciting wrestling match or cut an entertaining in-ring promo !
Barney was doing a show on live TV, and he
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