Why did Chris Brown beat up Rihanna?


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According to a search warrant for Chris Brown's cellphone, a three page text from another woman may have started the argument.
The search warrant and affidavit states that Rihanna "picked up Brown's cellular telephone and observed a three page text message from a woman who Brown had a previous sexual relationship with. A verbal argument ensued" after which things got violent.
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No one knows why he did it; that information wont be released until they cleared up in court. The only people that know right now are the people involved.
Because he is slime who likes to hit
Rumors say that Chris Brown had beat Rihanna because of a text, and it wasn't the first time. Feel free to text us anytime! Ask more!
He clearly HAS (present tense) an anger management problem that he likes to blame on others. He takes no responsibility for himself, his words and his actions. He has been telling
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Brown was reportedly involved in a sexual relationship with the sender of the text messages at one time. When confronted by Rihanna about the text messages, Chris became angry and shoved Rihanna's head into the passenger window of the vehicle where she was seated. Chris Brown, who is six-foot-one, reached across Rihanna in the sports coupe and opened the passenger door, attempting to shove her out of the car. Rihanna was wearing a seatbelt and Brown was not able to push her from the car. It is not clear who closed the car door. Brown then began to drive away after attempting to push Rihanna from the car. At this time, he punched her repeatedly on both sides of her face, causing contusions and severe bruising. Chris Brown continued to punch Rihanna about the head and face and also bit her left ear while trying to drive the vehicle. During the beating, Rihanna attempted to make calls to two of her assistants, but Brown grabbed her phone and threw it out of the car. Chris Brown, who has a previous criminal history, was later remanded into custody for violating his probation.

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