Why did Dog the Bounty Hunter go to jail?


Duane Lee Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, went to jail in 1976 following a conviction of first-degree murder. One of his friends shot Jerry Oliver when they went to buy drugs from him. Even though Chapman was outside waiting in a car when Oliver was killed inside his house, he was convicted and served 18 months in prison.

Dog the Bounty Hunter was jailed again following his 2003 capture of Andrew Luster, who fled to Puerto Vallarta while on trial for raping three women. The Mexican police arrested Chapman on his way back to California. Chapman was eventually granted bail but fled the jurisdiction. In 2006, shortly before the statute of limitations expired, Chapman was arrested by U.S. Marshals and jailed in Hawaii; the Mexican government deemed him to be a fugitive from justice and wanted him extradited to face sentencing.

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Dog the bounty hunter was arrested in Mexico after apprehending a United States fugitive. Not knowing his attempt to arrest said criminal was far out of his jurisdiction, he was then
He was arrested because he caught a fugitive, the heir to Max Factor, who is a Mexican national. There is some law that staes, only citizens of Mexico can handle bounty hunting for
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Duane "Dog" Chapman was captured in Hawaii & thrown in jail on charges of illegal detention and conspiracy from their 2003 capture of Andrew Luster in Mexico. report
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