Why Did Egyptians Worship Cats?


Egyptians worshipped cats in ancient times because they perceived them as divine. Cats also controlled mice from eating their grains which were Egypt's staple food. They were also treasured and considered divine because of their cleanliness and beauty.
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The Egyptians worshiped cats because they found that they were catching mice and rodents that caused disease and ate their grains. After a while, they domesticated cats to keep them
Cats became objects of worship in ancient Egypt because of their ability to keep
because cats are gods & goddesses.
The Egyptians adapted the Greek word for a wheat cake, "pyramis, to invent their word for a pyramid. The shape of the cake looked like the pointed top of a pyramid. The earliest
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I don't think I would call respect and study recreation worship. They don't understand the religion. Egyptians lived with cats as we do today. We also make clay and plastic images of all animals. What will the future think.
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