Why did Elvis dye his hair?


According to About.com, Elvis dyed his hair black for an edgier look, styling it to look more like comic book character Captain Marvel, Jr. This helped create Elvis' signature style. Elvis' hair was naturally a light brown, according to The Telegraph.

The Sunday Leader reports that Elvis used a variety of different dyes over his lifetime to create his signature black hair, including Miss Clairol 51D and both Black Velvet and Mink Brown by Paramount. At one time, he also used black shoe polish to dye his hair. The Telegraph notes that Elvis had a hairstylist who followed him on tour to touch up his roots and tint his eyebrows and lashes.

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Elvis dyed his hair for many reasons over the years including to look younger
he was born with sandy blonde hair that went darker to medium brown as he got older.word at the time was he dyed it to look more like his idol who was and you get a choice here because
Hi Tim, thank you very much for your question. Elvis dyed his hair black because he was a huge fan of Roy Orbison's. Hope this has helped you out. If you need anything further on
He dyed his hair black because that was the color of his mother's hair. He had an interesting relationship with his mother. He strove to be like her in every way. He also insisted
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