Why Did Heck Tate Insist That Bob Ewell Fell on His Own Knife?


Heck Tate insists that Bob Ewell fell on his own knife to save Boo Radley from the unwanted publicity. Tate knew that Ewell had attempted to attack Scout and Jem.
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so that he can protect boo radley from all the publicity he would have to endure if people knew that he saved scout and jem
Heck Tate insisted that Bob Ewell
I just got done reading this book in class! Uh Heck tate is so insistent that bob Ewell fell on his own knife because he does not want Boo/Arthur Radley to get in trouble. In the
with him because i thought his values and ethics would insist on the truth. Even though it was his own son he would make sure everything was above board and honest. I also thought
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