Why Did Ivan Dixon Leave Hogan's Heroes?


Ivan Dixon left the 60s show 'Hogan's Heroes' because he felt his talents weren't being used. He played a POW, Staff Sgt Ivan Kinchloe. Since the stories often had the prisoners escaping the camp to run covert missions and then returning, Dixon, who is black, had a limited role in the show. The series ran from 1965-1971 and Dixon was a cast member from 1965-1970.
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I found that this article helped answer that question: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/ivan-dixon-kinchloe-in-hogans-heroes-829237.html.
Dixon decided to leave the popular sitcom, after 145 episodes and 5
Curtis, A short bio is below. Ivan left after the 5th season as he felt his talents weren't really being utilized in his role and Kinchloe. He went on to do other things. Baker replaced
It was never made known why he left the show, and they didn't explained on the show what happened to his character of Kinchlo.
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