Why Did John Amos Leave Good Times?


John Amos did not leave the show Good Times, but was instead fired. The reason he was told that he was fired was because he was considered disruptive. He was fired via the phone in 1976.
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John Amos left "Good Times" or was ASKED to leave, because he did not agree with the way the "J.J" character was portrayed as the sass talking teen who disrespected
The shows focus on Jimmy Walker, as well as other disagreements, led Amos to
Mostly because he hated the character of JJ. He and Esther Rolle(Florida) both had huge problems with the way JJ acted and wanted the character to grow up. When it came time to re-negotiate
John Amos left "Good Times" in 1976 because of dispute over the direction of the show. BernNadette Stanis is still acting. Her most recent role was as.. MORE?
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