Why did Khandi Alexander leave "CSI: Miami"?


In a 2010 interview, Khandi Alexander indicated that she left "CSI: Miami" because "I just wanted to shake things up a little bit and spread my wings. ... I didn't leave the show for any particular reason."

Khandi Alexander played medical examiner Dr. Alexx Woods on "CSI: Miami" from the show's debut in 2002 to 2008. Within the show, her character indicated that she was leaving because it was becoming too difficult to balance her family life and the intensity of her work, an explanation that left the door open for her character to return in later episodes.

Since leaving "CSI: Miami," Khandi Alexander has had roles in several TV series, including LaDonna Batiste-Williams in "Treme" and Maya Lewis in "Scandal."

Q&A Related to "Why did Khandi Alexander leave "CSI: Miami"?"
She probably had enough money so she didnt sign a new contract. i think that her and david caruso had some issues and she didn't like where the show was headed.
She is planning to leave when her contract expires
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Eddie Cibrian is no longer with CSI Miami because CBS decided to focus back on the original core team now that Adam Rodriguez is returning to the show fulltime. report this answer
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