Why Did Kurt Schwitters Make Art from Rubbish?


Kurt Schwitters made art from rubbish, called Merz pictures, because he tried to make sense of a world, he deemed insane. He was considered one of twentieth century's foremost dada artists and a master of collage. His art showed inner tension derived from the juxtaposition of reality and of abstraction, aesthetics and rubbish, art and life, and their innate dynamism.
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He used rubbish as he thought he should show what he thought rela art was using people's old trian tickets he used to go around and pick up rubbish around streets
Kurt Schwitters is generally acknowledged as the twentieth century's greatest master of collage. Just as collage is essentially the medium of irony, so Schwitters' life is characterized
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Dresden Academy, 1909-14
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Kurt Schwitters made art from discarded rubbish because he wanted to make sense out of a world that had gone totally mad. His art attracted a lot of controversy ...
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