Why did Lauren Holly leave "NCIS"?


Lauren Holly, who played Jean Shepherd on "NCIS," stated that she "enjoyed being on the show and made some wonderful friendships," but she was sad that producer Don Bellisario was forced off of the show, and she grew tired of her role as the director of the NCIS agency and wanted to seek out other roles. When Lauren Holly originally joined "NCIS," her contract was for a six-episode guest-starring arc.

Her character, who was revealed to have a complicated past with Marc Harmon's character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, hit a chord with viewers, and Holly was asked to become a full-time cast member. Her character was killed off at the end of season five.

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Well it was kind of a medley of reasons, one being Lauren Holly wanted to go after different roles, and try more movies as well. Also, Jenny Sheppard had cancer, as is hinted in several
Lauren Holly didn't ask to leave. The only thing that has been officially said is
I have to admit her character, Jenny Shepard, was one of my least favorites. Where Sasha Alexanders character, Caitlin Todd, was awesome. But I was just wondering if there was a .
Other people asked questions on various topics, and are still waiting for answer. Would be great if you can take a sec and answer them
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