Why Did My Car Just Die While Driving?


When a car dies or loses power while under power, it is often related to the lack of fuel or spark. The problem could also be electrical because lack of fuel normally creates the desire to crank the car longer until the fuel structure re-primes its self.
Q&A Related to "Why Did My Car Just Die While Driving?"
A weak fuel pump , clogged filter, or carb or fuel injection problems can
Is it white billowy smoke- steam, blown headgasket letting coolant mix with hot oil, hot enough to vaporize the water and send it out your tailpipe. this will foul the plugs so bad
The connections to the battery can be corroded. Clean the posts and the insides of the clamps with sandpaper. If it happens again replace the battery cables entirely. They're 19 years
Transmission gears are slipping and either need transmission fluid or adjusting/ tune up
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