Why Did Pirates Wear Earrings?


The main reason pirates performed such a practice is that in the olden days, it was believed that piercing the ears with precious metals as gold and silver improved one's eyesight.
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Perhaps the most cited explanation is that pirates wore earrings because they believed that their eyesight would be improved by doing so. Considering the advantage improved eyesight
It was believed that piercing the ears with such precious metals as silver and gold improved their eyesight. The gold was also to pay for their burial if necessary.
More? To eyesight, so pirates wore earrings to improve their vision, Sea-sickness: an earring in one
For good luck, and so that if they died there would be money to bury them. Source(s): I read WAAAYYYY too much.
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Why Did Pirate Men Wear Earrings?
As well as a tendency to say "aargh," Hollywood pirates tend to be alike in that they all wear earrings. Setting aside the question of whether historical pirates really wore earrings at all (they almost certainly did not say "aargh"), the reasons given... More »
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It was believed that piercing of the ears with such precious metals as gold and silver enhanced one's eyesight. This was the main reason pirates and most other seafaring men also indulged in this practice.
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