Why did Randy Meisner leave The Eagles?


Bassist Randy Meisner left the Eagles because he did not feel he had enough of a creative voice in the band, and he was also tired of the lifestyle associated with being in such a famous touring group. Meisner quit the Eagles in 1977 when the band was enormously popular, but tension between all the band's members was mounting.

Randy Meisner had been a member of the Eagles since the beginning, when various members of what would become the Eagles performed as Linda Ronstadt's backing band on tour in 1971. At that time Meisner was already an established bassist and backup singer, and together with Glenn Frey on guitar, Don Henley on drums and Bernie Leadon also on guitar, the group quickly rose to prominence with hits such as "Take It Easy" and "Desperado." Meisner was an important part of the Eagles' sound early on, providing formidable contributions to the band's songwriting and vocal harmonies. However, by the time the Eagles released "Hotel California" in 1976, Meisner was growing dissatisfied with the control that Henley and Frey exerted over the group's creative direction, which he considered overly safe and sterile. The last straw was the Eagles tour to promote "Hotel California" combined with the exhausting life of a touring musician.

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