Why Did Sasha Alexander Leave Ncis?


Sasha Alexander left Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) apparently, because she had not known the amount of physical work she had to put in, in related with the show. With the series creator Don Bellisario in control, the actors worked for 16 hours every day, year after year and she had to leave at the end of the second season. Her character, Special Agent Kate Todd, was killed by a gunshot, which enraged many fans of the program.
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Her press agent stated that this was the first time she had been on a show for a
Sasha Alexander asked out of her contract because she found the role too physically demanding. She also wanted to start a family. Donald Bellisario chose to kill off her character
At the end of Season 2 in the episode called "Twilight" She is shot by the Mossad Agent/Hamas Terrorist Ari Haswari.
Apparently, she was the one who asked to leave. Rumor is, she found a weekly show too demanding. Add in the complications that her partner at the time was/is director Eduardo Ponti,
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Sasha Alexander asked to leave NCIS because she did not realize that there would be so much physical work related with the show.
Sasha Alexander left NCIS at the end of Season 2 in 2005. This was because she asked to leave the show, therefore it was necessary to kill her charcter.
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