Why did Scottie Chapman leave "MythBusters?"


According to Scottie Chapman, she left the show "Myth busters" because it was taking time away from her metalworking career, and as she put it, she wanted "to have a life." She left after the show's third season, announcing on her MySpace page that she would not return as a regular cast member. She did appear in the November 2007 episode "Supersized Myths" as well as the 2008 special for young scientists. One of the original members of the build team, Scottie was replaced by Grant Imhara; while Scottie's specialty was welding, Grant's was robotics.

"Myth busters" is a program in the science entertainment genre that the Australian company Beyond Television Productions made for the Discovery Channel, and the show appears on many international networks, including many of the Discovery channels. In general, the purpose of the show it to utilize the scientific method to check out the validity of myths, rumors, urban legends, Internet videos and other odd stories. It is more popularity than just about every other Discovery Channel program.

Filming of the program takes place primarily in the San Francisco area, as even the experiments requiring a lot more space than a workshop provides take place in locations around the Bay, although such episodes as the alligator experiments, which were filmed in Florida, go to the subject matter.

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She left on good terms with the myth busters to pursue her dreams to the fullest.
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According to sources, toward the end of season 2, Scottie Chapman left Mythbusters for personal reasons. report this answer. Answered by kgb agent Michelle G on Wednesday, March 14
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