Why did Seth kill Osiris?


According to the Global Egyptian Museum, Seth killed his brother Osiris out of simple jealousy. Envious of Osiris's benevolent rule as a king, Seth tricked him into climbing into a special box he had created, and then nailed it shut and poured molten lead inside to seal it and kill his brother. Seth then threw the box into the Nile, which carried it away.

Isis, the sister of Osiris and Seth, was able to find her brother's body eventually, but before she had a chance to bury it, Seth dismembered the corpse and hid the pieces throughout Egypt. Isis buried the pieces wherever she found them, and this led to Osiris becoming the god of the underworld in the Egyptian pantheon. Isis's infant son, Horus, then grew to oppose Seth, and his war against his evil uncle formed the basis of the struggle of good versus evil in the Egyptian belief system. In addition to framing this timeless struggle, the story of Seth and Osiris also contains the genesis of many Egyptian beliefs about death and the next world, leading to long-standing traditions, such as the sarcophagus, the treatment and preservation of physical bodies after death and the importance of proper preparation for the afterlife.

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Seth killed Osiris for a few reasons. Nephthys took Isis's form and seduced Osiris. She became pregnant with Anubis. Of course Seth was outraged that his wife had an affair with Osiris
Osiris left Egypt during his reign as king to travel to other lands. Seth
Seth killed Osiris because he wanted the throne that belonged to his brother. Osiris was dubbed the first king of Egypt and Seth became aggrevated due to jealousy. while Osiris went
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