Why Did Stalin Kill His Own People?


Former USSR leader Joseph Stalin is estimated to have killed millions of people for various reasons. Reports from the Soviet archives show prisoners under Stalin's regime who were executed either for political or criminal offences. Around 158,000 soldiers were also executed for deserting the war.
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It is not true. The myth of mass killings in the Soviet Union (except for two years in the late 1930s) is all a pack of lies from Anti-Communist agitators. In fact only some 700,000
There is an important distinction between how many people were killed directly, such as Stalin ordering their deaths - and how many people died as a direct consequence of his foolish
Under the pretext of constructing 'socialism in one country', Stalin terrorized large
In 1928, Stalin started the first of the Soviet Union's five year plans for economic development. The government began to eliminate private businesses. Production of industrial machinery
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