Why Did T.i Go to Jail?


T.I, born Clifford Harris Jr., was jailed for the possession of illegal drugs in California. By the time of his arrest in California, he was on probation after serving 10 months in prison on federal weapons charges.
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man listen here dat man went to jail because he picked up a prostitute.
John Bunyan went to jail for preaching without a licence. In jail he wrote the second most famous book, the pilgrims progress. In some books, It is called "dangerous Journey&
Because England and France were at war.
He got cought with 2.6 grams of cocain at the Hard Rock hotel in Los Angelas.He had it in his left pocket,so he didn't go to jail,he is paying $200 and he is doing 200 hours of comunity
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I'm not sure why you did not go to jail. Maybe the police officer was in a generous mood that day or there was no need to arrest you. It depends on what you did. What did you do.
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