Why Did the Dodo Die Out?


Dodo is an extinct flightless bird indigenous to the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. It died out because it was fearless of humans and had an inability to fly which made it an easy prey for humans. Humans also introduced other animals such as dogs, cats and crab-eating masques when they first arrived to Mauritius which plundered dodo nests. Humans destroyed the dodo's habitat forests as well.
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by humans killing them and eating them. also for use of their feathers!
Dodo birds lived on Mauritius and were not seen after 1681. No concrete evidence on what may
November 3 , 2009 (age 84) in Tbilisi, Georgia
How did the dodo die out? Scientists in Mauritius have launched a project to discover why the giant bird became extinct. Most theories blame settlers who found the plump flightless
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The last dodo died in the late 17th century. The remains of the last known stuffed dodo had been kept in Oxford's Ashmolean Museum, but were discarded in 1755 ...
Dodo was a large, flightless bird that became extinct during the late 17th century. There are several explanations why they became extinct including they were ...
The Dodos became extinct due to human interference and invasion of their lands. The birds were easy preys for humans since they could not fly. The habitats of ...
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