Why did the Industrial Revolution happen?


The industrial revolution happened in England because the country had experienced all of the forerunners of industrialization in the past century of which these developments had built surplus capital as well as infrastructure. The scientific revolution also prepared the way for new inventions to be applied to the industry and the country was rich in supplies of coal for energy and iron for construction. The population in growth also provided labour force for the industry.
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Primarily because of advancements in technology, particularly mechanisation, metalwork and the steam engine, that transformed the efficiency of many industries. This, in turn, increased
The Industrial Revolution in Great Britain happened due to a combination of factors all lining up at the same time, including. The development and utilization of steam-powered machinery
Urbanization occurred when workers moved to the city to
Three major factors came together at precisely the right time to generate the industrial revolution. First, the steam engine, which had existed in crude form prior, was perfected
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The commencement of the Industrial Revolution is closely linked to some innovations, made in the second half of the 18th century: Textiles, steam power and iron founding which there were key innovations, which allowed the economic take off by which the Industrial Revolution is usually defined.
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