Why Did the Romans Invade Britain?


The Romans invaded Britain three times. First invasion by the Romans was in August 55 B.C. It was led by the Roman general known as Emperor Julius Caesar and he took with him two Roman legions. The second time was in 54 B.C. This time Caesar landed at Walmer near Deal in Kent and he had with him no fewer than five legions. The third invasion was 100 years later, in 43 A.D. This time it was led by Emperor Claudius.
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The Romans were cross with Britain for helping the Gaul's (now called the French) fight against the Roman general Julius Caesar. They came to Britain looking for riches - land, slaves
As I have written before (to this identical question) – Your reports are wrong. Gold, copper, tin, lead, slaves and hunting dogs were among the prime exports from Britain to
The invasion of Britain was a war of prestige. The 'mad' emperor Caligula
In 55 and 54BC Julius Caesar came to Britain. Claudius invaded in 41AD. Roman conquest of Britain completed 75-77AD. Rome was always expanding.
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It is not quite certain why Romans invaded Britain, but it is suggested they did so because the British helped the Gaul’s fight against the Roman general Julius Caesar. It is also believed they invaded Britain in the search of treasures, such gold, silver and copper.
The?Romans?arrived in Britain in 55 BC. The?Roman Army?had been fighting in Gaul (France) and the Britons had been helping the Gauls in an effort to defeat the Romans.
The Romans invaded Britain because the Roman General Julius Caesar wanted to make it part of the Roman Empire. He first tried and failed in 55 B.C though in the following year, he only managed to defeat and capture a Celtic hill-fort. In 43 AD however, under the rule of Emperor Claudius, the Romans conquered the southern half of Britain.
The Romans arrived in Britain in 55 BC but did not have a large enough army to invade and conquer Britain. In AD 43, the Romans were ready to conquer Britain by crossing the Channel from Boulogne and setting up a base at Richborough. Different legions were sent to conquer different parts of Southern Britain which led to eleven British Kings surrendering.
The Romans invaded Britain in 54 BC a time when the Britons were not ready to fight off the Romans on the beach approximately 9 kilometres from Dover, like they had done a year earlier. This gave the Romans an opportunity to establish themselves as a military force in Britain and once they had done so, they started taking on the Briton tribes one by one.
The Roman general, Julius Caesar invaded Britain in 55 BC because the Britons were helping the French to fight the Romans. He also did it because he thought that it would make him look good back in Rome. He also thought that there were great treasures in Britain that he could take.
A famous Roman General, Julius Caesar, decided to invade Britain in 55 B.C. because: He was cross with the Britons for helping the Gauls to fight the Romans, he thought it would make him look good back in Rome, and he had heard that there was great treasure(lead, wood, tin, gold, silver etc.) in Britain and he wanted it
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