Why Did Tracey Needham Leave Jag?


Tracey Needham left Jag to work on a Steven Bochco creation 'Total Security' which did not succeed and never made it to the TV screens in Australia. While growing up, she always wanted to be treated equally and not have boys take it easy on her.
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JAG originally aired on NBC which canceled it after only one season.
I loved Meg, too, and it took me a couple of seasons to really warm up to her replacement character. Since JAG, Tracey Needham has done a lot of work on various shows. She did 13
According to this article, Jag withdrew from the compeitition for these reasons - Joshua Adam "JAG" Garcia falsely claimed to have graduated from The New York Restaurant
Hi Sara, There was never any explanation given on the show itself - she just disappeared between Seasons 1 and 2 without any word. What happened was that JAG originally aired on
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