Why Did Twitter Choose to Open Source Its Work on Mysql?


Bill Wood (President, R3Now Consulting)
From what I understand Twitter wanted to 'give back' to the opensource community that provided the platform to begin with. However, I also suspect that it helps them encourage more development and innovation for even their contributions. By making their enhancements widely available they will be provided new and innovative uses as well as extensions and other developments by the opensource community.

MySQL is pretty popular in various forms.

SAP and MySQL collaborated for a few years on what they refer to as 'MaxDB' which is an enterprise level, heavy duty database solution. It has since reverted back to SAP and is now under their full control. SAP still allows it to be freely distributed but it is no longer opensource.

I've used MySQL for a lot of things, inlcuding some pretty heavy duty data tasks. Other than some occasional irritations with timeouts for large, complex, multi-dimension dataset queries MySQL is pretty powerful.

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That doesn't contain the tables used by Twitter; it contains a modified version of the mySQL server used by Twitter. If you want to use it, you will need to build it from source.
This is a tough problem. My answer will focus on MySql, but can be generalized. MySql is a great product, indeed, I have purchased commercial licenses for MySql, and directed developers
MySQL has been successful so far because of the tremendous support of the open source community. There are millions of MySQL users worldwide and they provide tremendous input, testing
They can’t. They have to capture value from what’s called complements to that free software — other things related to the free software that people will want to
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