Why did Vinnie leave Orange County Choppers?


Vinny left Orange County Choppers so as to venture out on his own with his friend called Cody. He stated that the time had come for him to move in a different direction, and pointed out that, his family had contributed a lot in making him realise what was important in life. Rumours had been that OCC shorted Vinnie of his outstanding payments, but Vinnie stated that the split was on good terms.
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I do not know why he left as I got tired of watching all that dysfunction and crazy making long ago. I do know that I could not work effectively in that environment. Source(s) My
Vinnie DiMartino & Cody Connelly have quit working at Orange County
Vinnie and Cody started their own business, It is the V Force Customs the shop is less than 10 miles from Orange County Choppers.
It's obvious to me: Vinny left because he was sick of being one of the only working people on the OCC shop crew. Pauly Jr. takes credit for all of the company's successs, yet he is
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Vinnie Dimartino left Orange County Choppers because he wanted to venture into his own business. He opened a shop in August 2007.
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