Why did Vivica Fox and 50 Cent break up?


Vivica Fox and 50 Cent's relationship fizzled amid a public relations fiasco that exacerbated the miscommunication and wounded feelings the two suffered since they made their relationship public in 2003.

Vivica Fox and 50 Cent’s breakup was just as shocking as news of their new relationship in 2003. In an interview with ESPN, Vivica Fox acknowledged that the couple was not ready for all the press and hype that erupted when the mega-stars went public with their sensational union. The miscommunication that ensued when their respective public relations camps became involved only aggravated the emotional scarring, especially for Vivica Fox.

Although many reports state that Vivica Fox and 50 Cent were together for barely a month, the couple, in fact, dated for at least one year according to 50 Cent. He admits that the relationship was not steady for that year, but both he and Vivica have expressed that they cared about each other despite the bad words exchanged between them during their heated public squabble.

Several years later, 50 Cent admitted that he reconciled with Vivica Fox, who had been waiting for a public apology from him to dispel the untruths that she felt 50 Cent released about her. In 2009, 50 Cent invited Vivica Fox to star in his video for his single “Do You Think About Me,” a song about failed relationships. The two have since reconciled their differences and remain friends; but both agree that there is little chance that they will get back together.

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He thought she was annoying. Told her to get lost after a couple of dates.
he did not.
We do not know yet, but, who cares? (From Turan)
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