Why did Walter Brennan limp?


Walter Brennan limped in roles that called for a limp, but he did not have a limp in real life. In a 1960 interview about his role on "The Real McCoys," he noted, "It's Amos who has the sciatica and limps – not Brennan." However, the limp was apparently convincing enough to other sciatica sufferers that they mailed him their own remedies as well as "letters from doctors suggesting things I might do for relief."

Brennan was often cast as characters who were much older than he actually was. He had lost most of his teeth as a young man, often in "bad spills" he had taken as a stuntman in westerns. His thinning hair and ability to imitate a limp helped his aged roles seem even more authentic.

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A friend of his in the motion picture business - Jack Foley - suggested as a prop for Walter Brennan to put a rock in his shoe to simulate a limp. It went over so well that it became
September 21, 1974 (age 80) in Oxnard, California, USA
Walter Brennan died on September 21,
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