Why Do Alcoholics Have Red Noses?


Alcoholics have red noses because of the reaction that is brought about by putting in too much alcohol in the system. Too much alcohol normally leads to a faster aging process of the skin. Alcoholics also have red noses because of the dilation of the tiny blood vessel in the skin.
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Blood Flow,
The hair inside your nostrils works like a filter, protecting you from breathing in potentially dangerous particles. Nose hair traps dust, pollen, germs and fungus so you don't inhale
Alcohol causes the capularies to swell with blood, this can give some people a red
Carotene, same chemical that makes carrots red, some of the plants by the river are very high in carotenes and the colouring seeps into the river water at certain times of the year.
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Alcohol use causes dilation of the facial capillaries, especially in the nose, resulting in the nose appearing red.
Alcoholics have a red nose because the alcohol they are drinking helps lower your blood pressure. This causes your blood vessels to open up. You have a lot of small blood vessels in your nose.
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