Why Do Atoms Form Bonds?


Atoms form bonds due to the need to have the most stable configuration for its electrons. The attraction forces between atoms leads to chemical bonds that result to chemical compounds.
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Matter describes the physical state of any object on Earth. Matter is either a solid, liquid, or gas. The atom is one of the smallest and most basic components of matter. An atom
they want to fill in there outer electrons.
Atoms bond when the electrons in their outer shells are unstable, when the outer shells are
They form bonds in order to reach a stable configuration. The bond either involves a sharing of electrons (covalent) or the loss/gain of one or more electrons to form ions, which
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Atoms form bonds to other atoms to form compounds because the electrons surrounding them are unstable. They bond together so that they can become more stable. More in depth information on this subject can be found on this site. You can find more information here: http://www.docbrown.info/page04/4_72bond.htm
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