Why Do Babies Kick in the Womb?


Babies kick in the womb for several reasons. They can kick because of the position their mother is in or reaction to sounds. They also kick when moving inside the womb or when they are stretching and flexing as they develop.
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Babies move inside the womb as they develop, stretching and flexing as they grow, reacting to sounds, their mother's emotions, foods the mother consumed, and the position their mother
Checking out the new "vehicle" Testing and growing.
According to one study a baby kicking in the womb is a sign of deve...
Sorry if this question sounds really naive and un-educated, but I've always wondered why babies kick. I had my 18-20 week ultrasound today and my little girl was on cruise mode ..
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Why Do Babies Kick Inside the Womb?
For pregnant women, feeling their baby's movements for the first time is a special moment filled with joy and anticipation. As the baby develops, the movement becomes more frequent and easier to feel, signaling a well developing baby.... More »
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